Thursday, July 13, 2017

A day late and a Euro short

Despite having lots of free time yesterday, it was suddenly almost midnight and I had not yet written my daily musings. Now I sit at a late morning breakfast outside an incredible bakery on the walking promenade in Burgos - a wonderful metropolitan city with much of its 12th century charm in tact.

Even though we hiked ahead two days ago, yesterday's walk was still a hard five hours including several miles through an uninspiring river park leading into the city. We booked ahead at what looked to be a wonderful 3 start hotel for 2 nights. The room was fair but the view of the cathedral was beyond expectations - perfectly framed in our full length window - just 100 meters from our hotel. The Cathedral was more stunning than the one in Logroño, especially the stone motifs around the back of the altar. Fun Fact: A Cathedral is church where a bishop is seated - Cathedra is the Latin word for seat. (Not researched: but it's what I remember from an audio-guide - feel free to fact check, I'm offline)

Burgos cathedral from our room

We managed to wind our way through the labyrinth of restaurants behind the Cathedral and found a gem named Moritz. We simply pointed at the couple next to us and said, "We'll have that". It was so good that we returned to the same restaurant for dinner with our new friend, Marie from Montreal. Later we found it was one of the highest ranked restaurants in Yelp.


The well regarded Museum of Evolution of Humans (amusingly, to me, called MEH) was worth another hour or so of exploration time. A pilgrim's mass and a brief visit to the ongoing Folklore Festival performance rounded out our day.

We rest today. No packs and minimal walking in sandals. Tomorrow, will bring a big change. Janine will head off to the Meseta (a boring high plain) towards León. I'm taking a break. I knew going in that 37 days of walking was probably more than I cared to do. We've now done more than our first trip or our Italian walk. I think I'm off by bus to the beach town of San Sebastián on the Northern Coast and I'll see where that leads me. I'll meet up with Janine in about 8 days in León to continue he walk (with hopefully a well rested ankle).

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