Sunday, July 9, 2017

What to Pack

We are 10 days or 8 stages or 130 miles into our a journey. Today was a relatively short 13 miles from Najera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada. A fairly boring walk through a somewhat quaint town and then a somewhat depressing town attached to a golf course. The Cathedral museum in Santo Domingo is quite special (be sure to see the live chickens!! Courtesy of the legend of the hanging man) but otherwise not much to report (day 5? on sprained ankle and swelling is down a bit - but I continue to worry about it).

I was actually thinking about pulling out everything from my bag and seeing what's been used and what hasn't. Then someone on Facebook actually asked what to bring. So here goes.

For the most part, I did pretty well on stuff I haven't used;
-Earplugs to give away
-flashlight (kindle and phone make irrelevant)
-eye cover
-stretch band
-pack lock (carrying for Janine )
-extra water bottle

Maybe list. Using but could live without.
- Running shorts
- 3rd pair socks
- 3rd pair underwear
- 2nd t-shirt
- thick sweatshirt
- inflatable raft (was critical for flight over given sciatica issues - could dump. Cost $4).
- Wireless keyboard - using lots for blog

most of my stuff

- Plastic Bags and ziplocs.
- Pocket knife
- day bag
- Camino Guidebook
- Kindle
- Phone (camera, watch, e-mail when wi-fi)
-Euro adapter plugs and phone/kindle cords
-sleeping bag (maybe could have done a sleep sack instead)
-detachable long pants
-collared wick-a-way shirt
-collared long sleeve shirt (for cool evenings)
-2 t-shirts
-IBUPROFEN. O sweet inflammation reliever.
-sun screen
-toothbrush and toothpaste
-razor and travel size shaving cream. Once every four days!
-fingernail clippers
-Camping towel
-Tiva Sandals
-Tennis shoes
-2 pairs sock liners
-3 pairs athletic socks
-3 pairs underwear
-hat (bought a really nice one, left at home, found one on trail)
-water bottles
-hand sanitizer
-2 credit cards
-2 atm cards
-duct tape
-bandana (for neck)


Lyn Taylor Hale said...

Sent you a longer message this morning on a previous post...the Woke up Late one. Did you get it???

krypto said...

Did not receive. Resend if you can.