Friday, July 7, 2017

Sleep late, walk for 2 hours

That was the plan for today. It worked pretty well. We were glad we got to stay in Viana and also happy to sleep until 7:30. After a leisurely breakfast of delicious local pastries and watching Bulls trample people (day 1 of Pamplona dominated the news cycle), we had a nice stroll to the large town of Logroño. Not much to report on the walk, lots of birds, some sheep, and a little old lady selling trinkets on the road side (Janine now has a traditional gourd and another silver scallop).

New Tats for Mike from Mural in Logroño
Logroño seems a bit like Pamplona only bigger. Not quite as crazy but touristy with lots of tapas. In fact on the way in there was a pun-ny sign that said the Camino de Santiago is made for tapas. The sign said etapas which means stages but they had crossed the e out to make it tapas.

Having a bag sent ahead one day
I'm glad it was a short day - not only because 6 hours of walking was becoming a bit of a repetitive drag but because between my sprained ankle and my tweaky back, the last three mornings I've had my doubts if I would make it to the end of the day. Tomorrow we'll try something new for fun - walking without packs. It's an 18 mile day tomorrow and we noticed that there are regular services that will take your pack to the next town for 5 euros. I wonder if they'll notice that I'm stuffed in my pack...


Jen Worth said...

I'm enjoying following you and Janine virtually, Mike. You are inspiring me to find a walk of my own. With a little work, perhaps I can train Maxine to carry my pack? Hugs to you and Janine!

krypto said...

Thanks Jen!